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Divine Integration Healing 

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The era of Geula, is a liberating process of personal revival and universal reawakening.

Geula is the gentle activation of your essence, to live and breathe with your one and only beloved Creator.

You are privileged to partner, with the One, in co-creating a renewed, kinder, thriving world.

Any sense of alienation is but a cosmic reminder to come home to your Creator, whose loving presence is ever breathing you, inviting you to choose life every moment. 

We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers ... 

Your Conscious Heart Opening
for Our New Era of Geula Redemption

                        (״...ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים...״ (בראשית ב:ז

״...and he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life...(Genesis 2:7)

With the help of G-d,

the people I am privileged to work with, find greater meaning in their lives and joy of living their purpose as they reconnect daily to who they really are. They typically report greater thriving on all levels, physically, emotionally, spiritually, in their relationships and in their ability to receive and share G-d given blessing in abundance.

I coach individuals through mind-body-heart reconnection with themselves and with their ever present beloved Creator, the Source of all, who dwells within them, within all that is and infinitely beyond.

Mindfully attune to your Creator to renew your life and your world!

"The primary return, which instantly illuminates the darkness, is the return of man to himself, to the root of his soul; he will immediately return to the Creator, to Creator of all souls, and he will progress further, ever higher in holiness and purity."

Rabbi Abraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)

A Jewish man blowing the Shofar (ram's h

       What I want for you:

  • Come home to your heart, through your most empowering, loving relationship, with your one and only Creator!

  • Learn to work mindfully and therapeutically, with your physiology and with your resonance and your life...

  • Learn to engage the Divine wisdom within your physiology to recover from fight, flight or freeze. 

  • Tune your sympathetic nervous system to synchronize with your parasympathetic nervous system within minutes, with the help of your Creator.

  • Allow for Divine heart-brain coherence to occur ...

  • Attune to the underlying Divine cadence of health, within every physiological ebb and flow...

  • Compassionately embrace, revive, re-empower and re-integrate your ailing, pained, alienated parts, with the support of your Creator!

  • Observe, as the flow of life is Divinely restored through your reintegrated body-mind- soul...

  • Join your Creator, in gently, breathing love and health through you, through your every cell, through your your every arising emotion, through absolutely all that is, and notice what happens...      

  • Breathe and embody ever new Divine soul resources, to ever update and upgrade your health, your life and all your relationships therein...

  • Listen for your authentic inner voice, regarding important life choices...

  • Learn about wellness strategies which have most helped my clients.

  • Consciously bless everyone you encounter and the entire cosmos with the gentle health restoring breath of Divine love...

  • Attune to the One who is ever recreating you, and all that is, every moment anew, from within...

  • Illuminate your world as a living, breathing, agent of personal and cosmic healing, just by being you. 

Come home to your heart.

Attune with the Divine to revive your life and your world.

Contribute your light to the emerging symphony of life!

We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers...

Bring heaven to Earth, starting from within...


Are you ready to shine your light through your own Heart Homecoming?

Feel free to contact me about my services.

Click here for my contact info

 You belong. You are loved. You are here to illuminate. Start from within...


  Heart Homecoming

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