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   Heart Opening for a New Era of "Geula" 

  • Discover ​the gateway of your Divine heart connection                                                    

  • Find your beloved Creator dwelling within your body, mind, spirit, within all that is and infinitely beyond...                                

  • Find your Creator supporting your evolution, from within every situation and from within your every emotion           

  • Join with your Creator to reembody all the pained, alienated, exiled parts of you 

  • Come home daily, to your Creator, within the stressed aspects of your body, mind, spirit and life            

  • Find love, joy, serenity and wisdom, emerging through your reembodied presence with your Creator     

  • Partner with the Divine to nurture your world                                       

  • Contribute your unique soul light to the symphony of life!

We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers 

"The primary return, which instantly illuminates the darkness, is the return of man to himself, to the root of his soul; he will immediately return to the Creator, to Creator of all souls, and he will progress further, ever higher in holiness and purity"

Rabbi Abraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)

 "The world is built with kindness" Psalms 89

We are at the cusp of a time of "Geula", a liberation process of personal and universal reawakening. It is an awakening to our true essence to partner with our beloved Creator in nurturing and co-creating a better world.


Any sense of alienation is but a cosmic invitation to come home to our beloved Creator, who's presence is hidden deep within the compassion of our hearts. 

We are each called to become more of who we are through lovingly embracing ourselves and reembodying our exiled parts. As we come home to who we truly are, we begin to nurture our relationships with each other, with all living beings, and with our planet itself. 


As we consciously choose life, with all it's uncertainty, we are never alone. Our beloved Creator is personally guiding you and I through the unfolding of life itself. You are being personally coached to develop authentic heart mastery for your unique, indispensable calling.

Partner with the Divine to nurture your life and your world!

  • Practice the the finest heart mastery skills, with your Creator as your personal guide 

  • Transform daily stress into new levels presence, grounding and body-mind resilience 

  • Shift subconscious disruptive patterns into celebrations of flow, inspiration and thriving     

  • Cultivate known and new personal gifts, strengths and abilities ​

  • Develop ever higher, broader perspectives on all of life

  • Apply new resourcefulness to all your endeavors 

  • Be present for yourself and for others, from healthy boundaries and nurtured heart wisdom

  • Transform your human relationships and your relationship with your environment

  • Bless your world from the evolving wonder of your Heart Homecoming!                                        

Come home to your heart

Partner with the Divine to nurture your life and your world

Contribute your light to the symphony of life

We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers

Bring Heaven to Earth Starting with your own heart

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