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Divine Heart Nurture

 Your Beloved Awaits Within

   Heartful Resources for a New Era of Geula

  • Discover ​the gateway of your Divine heart connection                                                     

  • Find deep soul wisdom, love and joy flowing from within

  • Grow daily with G-d, from within the sacred sanctuary of your heart                                   

  • Find your Creator guiding your path from within every situation and every emotion                                                               

  • Partner with the Divine to nurture your life & your world                                                              

  • Contribute your light to the symphony of life!

Reconnect to Your Soul - Reconnect to Your Creator 

Renew Your World


  • Identify and cultivate your personal gifts, values, strengths and abilities 

  • Access inner resources and higher perspectives in support of your deepest goals 

  • Transform emotional aspects of stress to thrive from within every circumstance 

  • Activate your innate self healing capacity through Divine Heart Nurture

  • Be empowered to nurture loving, healthy personal boundaries

  • Be your most authentic self to bless your most significant relationships

  • Find your ever present Creator supporting you through every circumstance and emotion 

  • Transform your life and your world from within 


  • Embrace yourself with all your humanness from within all of your emotions

  • Achieve profound transformation from your heart connection with your Creator

  • Practice the the finest heart mastery skills to manifest your calling

  • Be present for yourself and for others from your deepest heart wisdom

  • Bless your world from the joy and love of being you ​

If you are ready to reconnect, to thrive and to contribute your unique soul-gifts, practice Divine Heart Nurture for a soulfully empowered life.​

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We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers.

Reconnect to love, starting with your own heart. 

With all my heart, Haya 

Are you are ready to shine your light through Divine Heart Nurture?

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