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Heart Homecoming  

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We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers.

The Holy One has opened new pathways of heart to build a world of kindness starting from within.

In preparation for the ultimate redemption,

we are privileged to participate with G-d, in revealing divine light within and among us.​

To contribute to divine healing of all dimensions, reconnect to love, starting with your own heart. 

You Are a Living Sanctuary for the Divine

As you reconnect to your Creator’s loving presence within, you reveal the love which you are!

You may discover the divine life-force of self-healing love within every cell of your body and within every situation you encounter (situations reveal ever more of their essence as you reconnect to  yourself and to your Creator within them). Discover your authentic self through your nurturing relationship with your Creator. Consciously participate with the divine in revealing the underlying ground of coherence and love in your life and in your world.

From my humble understanding of the Torah commandment to choose life, I sought to help my ailing mother, of blessed memory, long after well meaning doctors had given up on her. What I discovered, with G-d's help, has developed into a blessing for countless precious individuals and families around the world. Through the profound transformations I am privileged to witness during the decades since I began my quest, I conclude that nurturing Divine presence is the fundamental life force to be discovered within each of us.

I believe we are here to compassionately reveal a hidden, yet underlying coherence. You and I are on a mission to consciously transform our world, one thought, speech and action at a time. It has been my experience, that the secret gateway to transformation is found within the fragile, yet profound, emotions of the human heart.


From within the stress response itself arises a primal call for kindness and divine cosmic integration.

It is we who are called to initiate heart integration of our own inner being. All follows from here.

Our Creator allows us to set the tone of our experience here on Earth. 


We are a unique generation of consciousness.


This generation is like no other. We are at the threshold of new frontiers in healing of all dimensions. As we are anticipating the ultimate redemption, The Holy One, Blessed be He, has opened new pathways of the heart to our authentic selves.

We are summoned to participate with God, in revealing our truest, most nurturing underlying reality.

Please join me in reaching inward to heaven.


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The more we hold our heart in kindness,

the more we reveal Divine healing within

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What if an upgraded response to stress could become your Divine gateway to health, well being and to personal growth and evolution?

It is never too late to recharge your relationship with yourself, with others, through your Source, and thrive!

Oxytocin, popularly known as the 'love hormone', is a neurotransmitter produced in hypothalamus and secreted by the pituitary gland, at the base of the brain. Oxytocin is secreted during birth, lactation and during affectionate interactions.

Interestingly. Oxytocin, is also released in response to stress. Some researchers suggest this hormone may be a physiological cue for reaching out to for support and rec-connection.


​Most of us find it hard to respond to the subtle cues of the body when we are in chronic stress. 


We tend to push into overdrive, actually disconnecting from our own heart, from others and especially from our Source.

The first step in healing is re-connection to ourselves.

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“By the time the day of surgery approached, Haya said that the tumor may be gone. I had the surgery as scheduled and a few days later, my doctor approached me in absolute shock. He reported that in the pathology report there was no evidence of cancer. He had no explanation for it. He had no way to understand it. I understood that this was a miracle from God. Haya was one of the messengers of God who helped achieve this miracle. I am forever grateful to her.”

Sara Cohen, R.N., M.A.

I am an energy healer trained in Eden Energy Medicine and Emotion Code. I’d been studying with Haya and received guidance that I should use her method for a client. This person’s five element energetic flow was blocked and as a consequence she felt unsupported and exhausted. I had her hold the five element points on her body and led her through the Divine Integration process. She burst into tears as she felt divine love and support for the first time. When we checked again her elements were flowing beautifully...

Merry Henn-Lecordier  

Mother and Daughter


I was seeing really cloudy through one eye ... 

the Ophthalmologist rushed me for specialized ex rays of the retina next

day at an urgent visit to the retinal specialist at the Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem...I was

diagnosed with a large subretinal hemorrhage. The kind and expert Dr said that conventional medicine could neither explain nor cure this condition ...

Today, on the five week check up, the Dr was stunned.

The bleeding had almost all reabsorbed and there was absolutely no scarring of the macula, thank G

d! Looked through my left eye felt virtually normal thank Gd.

Thank you G-d for sending Haya as such a loving, empowering, understanding and highly skilled healer

Chayalea Guggenheim, Efrat, Israel

Divine love is shining within you, awaiting your reconnection with yourself!  



Are you ready to shine your light through your own Heart Homecoming?

Feel free to contact me about my services.

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 You belong. You are loved. You are here to illuminate. Start from within...


  Heart Homecoming

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