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About Haya


"... The fundamental intention of creation is to transform darkness into light."

 ~ Rabbi DovBer , The Mitteler Rebbe (1773-1827) "The Gate of Unity"

Haya Baker, M.A. is a lifelong trailblazer of conscious evolution. She is the founder of Heart Homecoming and Divine Integration Healing.

For several decades, with G-d’s help, Haya has been supporting individuals and groups worldwide as they achieve profound growth and wellness, and nurture healthy relationships. They thrive to contribute their soul light to the holy symphony of life!

Upon graduating with honors from Columbia University and completing her M.A. at N.Y.U. in Environmental Education, Haya chose to dedicate her life to exploring the inner human environment. For the last several decades, she has been developing, facilitating and teaching individuals prayer-based, body-mind conscious healing and transformation for a new era of redemption. 

Haya's Heart Homecoming and Divine Integration Healing are unique modalities which draw upon principles of Somatic work, Meditation, Logotherapy, Energy Psychology, Ecology and other natural sciences. 
Her greatest inspiration however, comes from the divine mystical wisdom of the Torah, as passed down through the ages by the prophets and sages.

Our sages taught of an era of, “Geula", a circumstance-defying process of divine revitalization, conscious reawakening and liberation, to bring an end to war, illness, hardship and suffering and the beginning of full cosmic redemption.

We are at the threshold of "Geula". Just below the surface, a vital activation of our core essence is underway. Like you, many around the world, are awakening to seek a more aware, kinder, thriving world which reflects the will of our Creator. 


Your embodied conscious re-connection with the One Creator within, is the vital link for the next stage of your personal fulfillment and our planetary evolution.

"Where are you?" "אייכה?" is G-d's resounding question to Adam.
Since our primordial reduction to four-dimensional awareness, the caring, guiding, open question reverberates:
Where are you? 
Where does your consciousness meet your matter in this moment? 
Of all the coordinates in the entire cosmos, this is precisely where you are called to find me, your caring Creator, dwelling within you, rooting for you, now.
Any sense of alienation is but a cosmic invitation to come home to our one and only Source, who’s presence is hidden deep within the compassion of our hearts.

Where we rebuild with the Divine, is not in heaven, not in the afterlife, and not at a distant star system. You are called to this moment, in your imperfect body, on this stress beleaguered planet, to uncover living inner dimensions and revitalize your connection to all that is.

The people Haya is privileged to work with, realize ever more of their potential by making coming home to themselves in the here and now, a foundation for their holy, sublime, daily personal prayer connection. They attune, in the moment, with the One who dwells within them, within all. Through tuning in, several times daily, during prayers and as needed, they are ever-updating and evolving their soul-body- living- dual-processor of Divine light and love.
They achieve nearly continual upgrading of wellness and daily reprograming of disruptive energy patterns through embodied trust in G-d. Their cells resonate at an ever higher vibration as heart coherence is continually restored. They support their vitality through life affirming personal choices. They tend to report ever greater reservoirs of energy, resourcefulness, insight and inspiration. Tasks which daunted them in the past, become ever more manageable and even great fun. Challenges, in partnership with G-d, tend to unfold as glorious opportunities…

This is a turning point in history.
We are at a threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers…
Bring your heaven to earth, starting from within!

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Haya resides in the Judean Hills, near Jerusalem. With gratitude to the Master of the Universe, Haya is a proud, busy mother of seven blessed children and a grandmother to another growing generation of unique miracles.

Haya Baker:
• Founder -  Divine Integration Healing, Heart Homecoming 
• B.A. Cum Laude - Columbia University, N.Y. , N.Y. 
• M.A. Environmental Education - New York University 
• Certified Energy Healer - Reidman College, Tel Aviv, Israel 
• Certified Logotherapist Educator - Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy, Abilene, Texas 
• Counseling in the Spirit of Torah and Chasidut  - Certified, Orchaya: The World Center for the Jewish Woman, Jerusalem 
• Certified Emotional Success Coach - Teder Center, Israel   
• Certified Couples Coach - Teder Center, Israel 
• Certified Coach - CCIL Israel        

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 You belong. You are loved. You are here to illuminate. Start from within...


  Heart Homecoming

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