Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect client privacy 

Before my work with Haya, I had spent twenty years on a healing journey and healed on many levels in my life. I also felt successful in many areas of my life, including being a coach and healer. But something was still not resolved for me emotionally and I couldn’t figure out how be more joyful or grateful for my life. I was plagued by not being "good enough." It was getting in the way of enjoying myself and my relationships, seeing my value as a businessperson, and feeling good physically. Health-wise I was struggling with chronic illness and couldn’t stick to a healing process. I couldn’t manage my time well and didn’t feel so optimistic about the future.


This was all very frustrating because I knew I was masterful in my work and have helped so many other people make changes in their life. There was just this hurdle I couldn’t get over myself. But I knew that if I could do this, it would help my family to thrive and allow me to serve my clients better.


Working with Haya, thank God, I quickly made huge transformations in all areas of my life. I wake up every morning excited for the new day. I invested in my self-care and joined a health club and have integrated excellent dietary habits into my day. I’ve created my own time management system that works for me and keeps me feeling energized and productive. As a result, this month through my coaching and healing business I have invoiced six times the amount from last month – up 600% in the income I was making up until now!  WIth regard to relationships, my family life has become more joyful,  My emotional world has become more balanced and my family notices the difference. The children have become more calm and cooperative.​, and my husband feels much more at ease. This has all come about quite naturally and I feel the inner changes so clearly. Thank you, Haya, for being such a blessing in my life!


Devora Gila Berkowitz, CTA Certified Coach, Momentum Business Coaches for The Coaches Console and Divine Energy Healer

Haya has an unusual gentleness and compassion that creates an immediate sense of empowerment and ease, combined with an unyielding faith in the person's ability to access his or her innermost resources.

Haya does not stay on the surface, but touches the deep places ... while fully being there with you...you find your core, your source of love of self, that allows you to love others ... I know. I have experienced it ~ Batya.


Batya Yaniger PsyD. Co-facilitator of logotherapy training in Israel

I met Haya a few years ago and decided to do some emotional growth work with her. Shortly after that experience, a biopsy revealed a cancerous tumor which my doctor told me had to be removed.

I knew that I had to mobilize all the positive emotional and spiritual energy I could to help me move closer to Hashem (God) through the spiritual growth the dis- ease provoked.

Haya was one of the people who was front and center to my process. Haya met with me each day for the few weeks before surgery and helped me see the gift in my healing journey. She helped me reach out to Hashem (God) to ask for and receive healing from the Healers of all Healers. Haya was there for me as a positive spirit through breathing and focus on the present. She helped me bring light into each cell of my being. Day by day, Haya was there telling me that she sees more light in the tumor, that it is changing from dark to light, that the cancer cells were shifting. She could visualize a healthy me. She encouraged me to stay positive and to be in joy and not fear.

By the time the day of surgery approached, Haya said that the tumor was not showing up as it had in the past.


I had the surgery as scheduled and a few days later, my doctor approached me in absolute shock. He reported that in the pathology report there was no evidence of cancer. He had no explanation for it. He had no way to understand it. I understood that this was a miracle from Hashem (God). Haya was one of the messengers of G-d who helped achieve this miracle. I am forever grateful to her.

Sara Cohen, R.N., M.A., Jerusalem

Haya Baker  is one of the most eclectic facilitators I have ever met–a gifted healer.  Learning with Haya is always an adventure–one that I can’t get enough of, even though I have already logged in nearly 85 hours of class time with her!

Working with Haya is a unique and wondrous experience, due to Haya’s warmth, wisdom, poetic insight, solid grounding, and Torah learning. 


Through Haya, I have been exposed to a variety of healing modalities–a variety that I could have only learned in an efficient way through her–and that variety has pointed me in the direction of what works best for me.  For Haya, all these healing techniques are “One.”  What an exciting attitude!  Even better, in learning these modalities, I have come to spontaneous insights and healings on tough issues in my own life, healings borne of Haya’s careful tutelage and concern for her students and clients.I enthusiastically recommend Haya as a teacher and healing facilitator.        

Sara-Malka Laderman, Healing Facilitator and Writer,  Israel

Thanks for,

Reducing pregnancy anxiety

Turning the baby during pregnancy from transverse to head down

Helping my mother to have increased mobility pre –op

Recovery from serious surgery.

Y. F., Audiologist, U.K.

I am an energy healer trained in Eden Energy Medicine and Emotion Code. I’d been studying with Haya and received guidance that I should use her method for a client. This person’s five element energetic flow was blocked and as a consequence she felt unsupported and exhausted. I had her hold the five element points on her body and led her through the Divine Integration process. She burst into tears as she felt divine love and support for the first time. When we checked again her elements were flowing beautifully. We achieved the same result as if we had used acupuncture needles, but this was done entirely through connection with divine energies.​

Merry Henn-Lecordier Commented October 30th 2012 

Haya never ceases to amaze me with her gentle firmness that allows one to open an feel the healing. She is a natural conduit for the healing energy radiating from HaShem.
Kolachevod (All Praises Due).

Belle Fine-Cohen  befinetoday@gmail.com

Submitted on 2012/12/30 at 4:17 am:

Hello Shifra and blessings.  Oh my, tonight’s call with Haya was a joy.  I have enjoyed your calls with the many gifted and talented people and have felt so much energy and truth.   Tonight was more than excellent.  The beginning meditation was so profound and healing that I was amazed the long standing chronic pain in my knee went from a 8 on the pain scale to a 1 with no effort or thought from me.  I was so amazed as I had not asked for anything but was enjoying the meditation. From that point on, through the entire call, and to right now….there is so little pain in my knee that I had to write to you with gratitude and thanks.  I have ordered the program and am looking forward to it starting next month. In the mean time I am open to receive God’s love from Haya’s prayers.  Thank you for what you do.  You are appreciated!

 Blessings, S S

The call with Haya was like Hashem (G-d) was literally kissing my soul. EVERYTHING resonated within me. Thanks and blessings,


Thank you Haya,

Your words began a chain reaction. It started in my heart, for sure, which opened the well of tears awaiting their release signaling cue to voice out loud words of love…love. May this feeling guide my days. I am grateful.

In light and love

Dear Haya,
I again gained so much from your teachings, yesterday! What a GIFT!
I immediately prayed to be completely recreated as a person who chose love, happiness, and peace in Divine protection, rather than suffering and heartache (as necessary backlash) in the mission of love and healing for others. Again I experienced spiritual ecstasy, releasing
so much hardship, as I told you at the end of the session.

But last night was still several times miserable. I was so disappointed, feeling like a failure or forgotten by the Divine. After many hours of hurting, I tuned in to Divine guidance, and it hit me that last night could have been a LOT worse. That I didn’t come here to be totally impervious to the energies of others–and that my prayers HAD been answered in accordance with my higher good, and I do feel now the blessed Presence more and more, instead of our ancient chosen separation and loneliness. That things will get better and better!

I am eternally grateful you shared that profound Recreation prayer teaching, especially that we can use it to help our dear ones in the same way. Your scientific explanation helped make all the possibilities so much more real. THANK YOU again:))

In new hope and comfort as I walk my life’s path,

Dear Haya

I just wanted to share what happened today. A Gigong Master told me that I needed to get more flexibility in my hips to help open all the stuck energy in my pelvis. So I spent some time this morning doing this – then did some meditation. A little later I relistened to the first hour of your class and then decided to go for a walk.

I started the walk thinking about being present to what is and then noticed all the beauty around me, the smells, etc. Then what happend was –I was literally taken over and was being walked. At first my pelvis started moving up and down and I couldn’t remember ever feeling that type of movement before- then my pelvis started moving side to side and then went to walking like someone who had way too much to drink and then to walking very slowly. This happened over a period of 15 minutes and I literally had no control over it. It was so delightful that I gigglled at times.

Blessings to you – so enjoying the class. I now know what Shifra meant by the Haya effect.


Dear Haya,

Thank you and Bless you for your loving responses/prayers and Declarations!
I am so deeply touched by your lovingkindness.

My 2 year old son suffered months of chronic ear infections which were unresponsive to antibiotics until, with God’s help we found Haya. She prayed over him for a few evenings and his infection cleared up never to return. Haya also taught us to eliminate trans-fatty-acid from his diet and since, he has had far fewer colds.


Brenda Gut, Israel

Dear Haya,

I want to thank you for the spiritual work you did on my behalf, which was very fruitful. I had painful shingles complicated by impetigo. I was given antibiotics but I suffered an allergic reaction to the medication and had to stop taking it prematurely even though the infection was severe. Then you began to work with me and pray with me and before I was able to get different antibiotics, the entire shingles and impetigo started healing rapidly. Sometimes it is hard to see the connection between prayer and healing but these tangible results spoke for themselves!

More power to you! May Hashem (God) be with you!

May you continue to pray and help many people, with God’s help!

Appreciatively, Bruria Rabinowitz, Efrat, Israel

I was seeing really cloudy through one eye and for about a month. When I finally decided to go to the Ophthalmologist he took one look and rushed me for specialized ex rays of the retina .The next day at an urgent visit to the retinal specialist at the Shaarei Tzedek hospital in Jerusalem. Here I was diagnosed with a large subretinal hemorrhage. The kind and expert Dr explained everything sensitively and clearly.He said that conventional medicine could neither explain nor cure this condition ..(He considered injecting the eye with steroids to diffuse the bleeding and try to see the cause.However since there was no indication that this would bring recovery,he decided not to(phew!).He said that he hoped the blood would resorb but that when it did it was likely to cause permanent scarring on the macula which could compromise my vision.
He also said that such bleeding may have been caused by macular degeneration. At present the macular was covered by the hemorrhage so one would only be able see either of these things ,once the blood was resorbed He recommended that I pray.
I immediately went to Haya who started to work with me on Tefilla healing: that the blood should resorb and that there be no problem with the macular. She also advised me to work on being much more loving and accepting of myself. I did.

Haya kept working on my eye, and praying. She called me regularly, to check the progress.
Really soon ,the cloudiness subsided and only when I closed the Right(normal ) eye ,did I notice a slight curved distortion in the image I was looking at.I decided to stop checking my left eye as seeing through both felt absolutely normal thank Gd.
I kept praying, Haya kept calling and fine tuning her work to my reports .
Already by my third visit to the Dr he noticed a remarkable recovery, thank Gd .Much of the bleeding had reabsorbed. He was still concerned about the state of the macula,which could not yet be seen under the bleeding.

Today, on the five week check up,the Dr was stunned.
The bleeding had almost all reabsorbed and there was absolutely no scarring of the macula,thank G d! Looked through my left eye felt virtually normal thank Gd and the “curviness” was gone.
Thank you G d for sending Haya as such a loving,empowering,understanding and highly skilled healer

Chayalea Guggenheim, Efrat, Israel, Commented November 29, 2012

Haya is a graduate of our logotherapy course and has earned the Diplomate Educator certificate from the Viktor Frankl Institute. Haya’s sensitivity to the emotional and energetic state of the other person is phenomenal. She listens deeply to the emotions and spirit of the other person and knows how to see and hear their strengths and life meanings coming through, getting to the essence of their being.

Haya does not do this not as a dispassionate observer. – She possesses the superb ability to use her own inner self-resonance in this process. Her comments in reflecting on what has been expressed by someone reveal a keen ability to step into the world of the other to feel what it is like to be there, and to then step back again to highlight it for them and bring them back to themselves.

I recommend Haya’s integrative healing and counseling for anyone who seeks growth and healing from a place of deep sensitivity, a compassionate touch and genuine unconditional love.


Batya Yaniger, PsyD Co-facilitator of logotherapy training in Israel

I want to thank you, Haya, for all the goodness you bestowed upon me through the coaching process. First of all, being with you, Haya, is such a joy! You were with me every step of the way.


I was surprised to find that through every phase of my inner work with you, many unexpected and deeply profound questions arose from within me. The answers to these profound questions arose just as spontaneously from within my own spirit! This was a rare, foundational and refreshing experience. It was like having a spiritual floodlight illuminate my life from deep within. 


This experience of my own inner clarity and illumination  continues to live in me and enliven me.

Your amazing empathy was like the sun ripening the fruit of my soul. I feel so cherished. You taught me how to more deeply nourish my soul and my nearest and dearest as well. Eternal thanks and blessing,

Pnina Ben Chaim, Gush Etzion, Israel

Working with Haya has allowed me to have an amazing and lasting healing experience for both physical and emotional symptoms and has simultaneously taught me to have a closer healing connection to my Creator, and to use that connection whenever I need to on my own. That by itself is invaluable. In her loving, kind and non-judgemental fashion , Haya leads you on a self-empowering and healing path that allows you to find the way that’s right for you as an individual– no cookie cutter systems. Working with Haya has changed my life.

Melissa G., M.D., New Jersey

Dear Shifra,

Just want to say a sincere thank you for introducing me to Haya and her beautiful heart and work.  We had a private session today that was truly amazing.

I had a shift into what I believe is a different life/dimension.

I now know I am Divinely protected and guided.  I understand that it’s only through error in my thoughts/ego mind that I can ever feel alone.  Separation was an illusion, or veil, that simply needed to be dissolved; I was always, and we are all forever, held in love and safety by a Divine Power that is beyond my comprehension and I was shown that today. I am so thankful to Haya for helping me realize this is true.

I can now sense the love that was, in fact, always surrounding, guiding and protecting me.  My life has been exactly like the picture of the sand where two set of footprints became one; next time though, I’ll knowingly surrender to, and be in deep appreciation for the gift : )

Much love, J

In my lifelong quest for meaning, this is the first time in which I feel Divine love surging thr

my heart and my pain is relieved.


Ever since I was nineteen I have been plagued obsessive hurtful thoughts. The thoughts were words which would pop into my head often when I was praying but also at other times. It was many years of sheer suffering till, thank G-d, I did healing coaching with Haya.


Her approach allowed me to actually allow the thoughts to safely flood my being and get to know them. After very cleansing crying, as I observed the thoughts, I was able to relax through them. I could attend to my hurt with G-d’s help, from a peaceful  place of soul.

Eventually I learned to welcome these previously avoided thoughts.The more I let them come the less they did. Eventually, I was able to laugh at these thoughts. Now even as I encourage the thoughts they come out unformulated and I observe with triumph.


I think this kind of healing could help many seemingly sub conscious disorders including stammering.

L. F. speech therapist U.K.

Haya is my beacon of light when I cannot find my way out of the darkness. She has helped me in my darkest moments of desperation, when I could not manage my emotional and physical pain. with Haya I feel heard and really cared for, supported and safe. Thank you, Haya, for being a blessing in my life!


I knew Haya just as a wonderful actress in our Raise Your Spirits troupe. But one night I had a very disturbing dream and remembered that a friend of mine had told me about Haya’s other vocations. I discussed my dream with her and she helped me achieve a deeper insight into where it was coming from, and an ensuing sense of calm.

Toby Klein Greenwald, Israel

Since working with Haya, my life has changed so much, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. I am now shining my light from within.

Chaya S., Jerusalem

Our young daughter suffered severe post operative complications which were very painful and the medical intervention suggested to resolve the complication were considered even more severe and painful. We heard about you, Haya, from relatives overseas and we asked them to contact you for healing intervention. Within a short hour and a half after reaching you, our daughter’s painfull post opperative complication resolved itself completely, much to our delight, and she is now well on her way to recovery and planning to go back to work next week, thank God!


Tom and Tehila Winter

Dear Haya,

As you know, my aged mother was hospitalized with a lung disorder which had the doctors deeply concerned for her life.

Not only was she very ill but she was inconsolably frightened. I tried to comfort her but we ended up crying together.

I did not have much hope at that point and I struggled emotionally to be strong for my ailing mother who was afraid for me to leave her bedside for even a short while.

The doctors who were caring for my mother were literally giving up on her and said they could do no more to save her as she was slipping into a coma.

Haya, you do distance healing for my mother by talking to her soul and engaging Mom's self-healing capacity from G-d.

Shortly after you intervened, with God’s help, from a distance, one of the hopeless doctors was surprized to find my mother sitting up, eating and speaking clearly with him. He was so amazed that he declared that he would do whatever he could to continue to help my mother! 

God bless you Haya!  


Within a few hours she seemed to have a miraculous turnaround. She was not only not frightened anymore but she exhibited a strength and a hope that was contagious.

More great news!- My mothers leucocytes which were alarmingly elevated untill your interevention, are now normal and her sodium levels which were alarmingly low have risen to 134! Thank you sooo much!


I told you, Haya, that she was suddenly more animated, outgoing and pro-active than she had been in years! She was not behaving like the sick one but like the strong caring one she used to be, expressing gratitude towards all and keen interest in the well-being of the her hospital roommate.


We came to strengthen her but suddenly she ended up lifting our spirits and even the spirits of the staff! Thank you so much, Haya!

Goldie, Netanya, Israel

We have recieved a miracle!!! This is the first time in so very long that my son Billy seemed to have HOPE and he was laughing and joking! I wish I could say the words that would make you know without a doubt what gratitude our family has for you..I will be forever grateful for you assistance in this healing. I will refresh your memory, Billy is the triple amputee I wrote you about a few days ago after hearing you on Shifras show. Thank you Haya, there is no way to thank you but please let me be in service to you for anything that may come up. I was being told you could assist and you truly did. Huge blessings are expected for you,


Haya taught me how to connect to Source through my own body any time of the day or night, to restore well-being and joy.

J. T.

You do not have to believe, just to allow. It is simple, intuitive, and it works! Connect to the natural love energy of your inner heart and melt away pain and stress patterns.

Sharon, N.Y.

It is like being on a high speed connection, and the modem is your heart!  Learn how to raise your vibration to the highest love you can reach, and watch stress fall away!  

T. C. Long Island

I am actually plugged into ultimate unconditional love through my own heart and it is pulsating through my veins and nourishing and energizing my body and soul back to health.

Donna M.

For me, it is a new easy way of seeing and transforming my body, my relationships, my life, and my intimate relationship with the divine.

Claire L.

Once you get it, no one can take it away! You can find your high speed love connection to the Divine at any time, and rediscover that you are a blessing from God!

T. C.