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Course Divine Integration Healing

In Depth Live Coaching Applications,  Meditations, for Graduates of my Courses

Update Yourself for a New Era of Geula, Redemption

Root Yourself & Your World Within the Unwavering Foundation of Your Beloved Creator  

״כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד בפיך ובלבבך לעשותו״  דברים ל:יד

"This is very close to you, it is in your mouth and your heart, so that you may fulfill it." Deuteronomy 30:14

Earth crystal glass globe ball and growing tree in human hand, flying yellow butterfly on

When the systems you relied upon are quaking, it is easy to forget why on earth, you are here... 

What are a magnificent agent of conscious transformation

and you don't know?


YOU are rooted in THE ONE compassionate foundation of all reality...

Find yourself and find your beloved Creator awaiting you...

By the time the day of surgery approached, Haya said that the tumor was not showing up as it had in the past.


I had the surgery as scheduled and a few days later, my doctor approached me in absolute shock. He reported that in the pathology report there was no evidence of cancer. He had no explanation for it. He had no way to understand it. I understood that this was a miracle from Hashem (God). Haya was one of the messengers of G-d who helped achieve this miracle. I am forever grateful to her.

Sara Cohen, R.N., M.A., Jerusalem

More great news!- My mothers leucocytes which were alarmingly elevated untill your interevention, are now normal and her sodium levels which were alarmingly low have risen to 134! Thanks to Hashem (G-d)!


I told you, Haya, that she was suddenly more animated, outgoing and pro-active than she had been in years! She was not behaving like the sick one but like the strong caring one she used to be, expressing gratitude towards all and taking interest in the well-being of the her hospital roommate.

Goldie, Netanya, Israel

Today, on the five week check up, the Dr. was stunned.
The bleeding had almost all reabsorbed and there was absolutely no scarring of the macula, thank G-d
Thank you G d for sending Haya as such a loving, empowering, understanding and highly skilled healer.

Chayalea Guggenheim, Efrat, Israel

I am so grateful to Hashem (G-d) and to you, Haya, for helping me completely avoid knee replacements. I've been pain free now, for several years.  I'm currently participating in a course which involves lots of hiking on all kinds of terrain!

I now know how to take care of myself and feel younger... to live and give, in health, with G-d's help, even as I age!  

Goldie, Early Childhood Educator, Netanya, Israel

With the help of G-d, my clients and students report a greater reconnection and often a greater thriving at any of all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, relationships and abundance.

What I want for you is that you:

  • Come home to your heart, to find the ultimate foundation of your life! Your ultimate, loving relationship, with your one and only Creator!

  • Learn to work mindfully and therapeutically, with your physiology and with your resonance and your life...

  • Learn to engage the Divine wisdom within your physiology to recover from fight, flight or freeze. 

  • Tune your sympathetic nervous system to synchronize with your parasympathetic nervous system within minutes, with the help of your Creator.

  • Allow for Divine heart-brain coherence to occur ...

  • Attune to the underlying Divine cadence of health, within every physiological ebb and flow...

  • Compassionately embrace, revive, re-empower and re-integrate your ailing, pained, alienated parts, with the support of your Creator!

  • Observe, as the flow of life is Divinely restored through your reintegrated body-mind- soul...

  • Join your Creator, in gently, breathing love and health through you, through your every cell, through your your every arising emotion, through absolutely all that is, and notice what happens...      

  • Breathe and embody ever new Divine soul resources, to ever update and upgrade your health, your life and all your relationships therein...

  • Listen for your authentic inner voice, regarding important life choices...

  • Learn about wellness strategies which have most helped my clients.

  • Consciously bless everyone you encounter and the entire cosmos with the gentle health restoring breath of Divine love...

  • Attune to the One who is ever recreating you, and all that is, every moment anew, from within...

  • Illuminate your world as a living, breathing, agent of personal and cosmic restoration, just by being you. 


Ready to upgrade your default and the operating system from shaky survival mode to "Geula" (Redemption) Grounded Thrive Mode?

What if you knew you had with 24/7 live support in this endeavor from the ultimate ONE, the only foundation of everything, your Source, your benevolent, beloved Creator?

Portrait of a beautiful woman smelling a flower.jpg
Close up of happy young Caucasian woman isolated on blurred background dream visualize wit

Your soul-body dual processor is a living, breathing, Divine instrument of personal and cosmic grounding, growth and emergence


Compassionately reconnect from within any upheaval, to the ONE secure foundation of who you really are.


Find ultimate safety to thrive, as you consciously root your world in the ONE Source of all creation ...

Attune to the Divine who is ever supporting your conscious growth, recreating you every moment anew, as you and all emerge ever truer from within...

Haya, as my healing mentor for almost two decades, your guidance has supported all areas of my life. I wake up every morning excited for the new day, invest in my self-care and have created my own time management system.


My emotional world has become balanced and my family members notice the difference. They can now evolve more freely in their own personal journeys, which makes life joyful. 


My clients are having outstanding breakthroughs because I can hold compassionate space for their own healing. 


This has all come about quite naturally and I feel the inner changes so clearly.  

Much love and gratitude to you! 

Devora Gila Berkowitz, Medical Intuitive and Energy Healer

Working with Haya has been life changing.  Hearing her voice guiding me, I felt compassion and love, and the resonance of the Divine.  This gave me the courage to Let Go and Let God.  In a short time, my life has changed in a wonderful way....  The healing has created new and wonderful opportunities for me to know, feel and talk to God.  There are signs and blessings coming through for me as I listen to my heart and allow. Blessings,

Gigi, Empowerment Programs Facilitator

... I have come to spontaneous insights and healings on tough issues in my own life ... I enthusiastically recommend Haya as a teacher and healing facilitator.        

Sara-Malka Laderman, Healing Facilitator and Writer,  Israel


Haya! You are one of a kind. So gentle, kind, compassionate and knowing in your work. You are somehow able to open up the widest and deepest channels for incredible insights and healing. New ideas and new connections come pouring into my consciousness when I am with you, helping me to connect to the Divine healing power within myself. The greatest gift you have given me (so far!) is permission to allow Hashem to heal me. To believe that everything that I know to be true can manifest for real in my experience of being. Thank you, Thank you! With so much love,

Nechama Caplan

Some more reactions to Divine Integration Healing:

“What a delightful brightness in my head and in my eyes…”


“Haya, my ability to worry has been greatly diminished! “


“I am vibrating at a much higher frequency than my entirely understandable human anxieties…”


" Yes Haya, goodness comes naturally to me, almost as naturally as my next breath…”


“Serendipity is gradually becoming my new norm…”


“I went from battle weary to more of celebrating life…”


“I can deal better with frustration… and it tends to be short lived…”


“I can think more clearly and I tend to see a far brighter future …”


 “I’m surprised by a tangible, youthful buoyancy which I haven’t experienced since childhood…”


“My body is recharging love and life and discharging decades of inflammation…”


“I actually sense a deep physical resilience …”


“My body and spirit are now thriving and love shows up much more in my life…”


"No matter what is transpiring, I’m grounded, renewing, rooted in the presence of the Shechina…” 


“I had no idea I was disconnected …“


“As I plug in daily, to my essence within Hashem, I start forgetting how to be a victim. “


"Simply remarkable…”


“Hashem, I love you! What a wonder to be alive in these amazing times!“


“I can be more present for me and for my loved ones, without loosing myself…”


“My chronic pain is slowly fading along with the struggles of a lifetime …”


“I can focus much better, even in the evening, after a long, busy day…”


“My sleep quality is markedly improved, thank you, G-d! Thanks Haya...”


 “I can now breathe freely through anxiety …”


“Life can actually be fun!”


“A present, radiant physical sensation of what can only described as life itself …”


“My chronic concerns are far less compelling than they used to be …”


“Yes, Haya, let’s imagine all humanity reconnecting to real life! I wonder what would happen…”


“We can win the war peacefully!”


“Say yes to life!” 


“Hashem is here, with us, in our light bodies on Earth!”


“This is a biological revival…”

I am an energy healer trained in Eden Energy Medicine and Emotion Code. I’d been studying with Haya and received guidance that I should use her method for a client. This person’s five element energetic flow was blocked and as a consequence she felt unsupported and exhausted. I had her hold the five element points on her body and led her through the Divine Integration process. She burst into tears as she felt divine love and support for the first time. When we checked again her elements were flowing beautifully. We achieved the same result as if we had used acupuncture needles, but this was done entirely through connection with divine energies.​

Merry Henn-Lecordier 

Haya invites you to:

Partner with the Divine to nurture your life and your world.

Contribute your light to the emerging symphony of life!

We are at the threshold of wondrous new inner frontiers

Bring heaven to Earth, starting from within...

Young woman emgracing the sun and nature with backpack in the forest on sunset light in th

Course-Applications Divine Integration Healing-Summer 2023


In Depth Live Coaching Demos Applications for Graduates of my Courses!

  • 4 once a month, 2.5 hour online Zoom classes

  • Every last Sunday of each month May, June, July, August at 11:00 AM, Eastern time, USA

  • May 28th , June 25th, July 30th, August 27th 2023

  • Whatsapp support between classes, from Haya...

  • Recordings of classes available for your convenience.

  • Share your heartfelt goals, with Haya and the group, so they may join you in your holy prayers and support you energetically.

  • Bonus, 25% discount on a private session with Haya, through end 2023.

Course Divine Integration Healing

Register now before closing!

$200 (30% savings from usual $260)

In Depth Live Coaching Demos Applications for Graduates of my Courses! Ground your body-mind within the Divine!

Bonus: 25% off a private session with Haya (Valid through 2023)

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