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Heart Homecoming Online Course 2020
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"The primary return, which immediately illuminates the darkness, is that man return unto himself, to the root of his soul. Thus, he instantly returns unto the Creator."


— Rav Avraham Yitchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935) The Lights Of Return 15,10

In the face of so much uncertainty and challenge, it is easy to momentarily forget why you are here...

What if your every stress response could become an exercise in reclaiming your authentic soul meaning, purpose and power to bless your world?

Learn skills to uncover aliveness within every experience, every relationship, from within every emotion of your human heart!

In Heart Homecoming Course 2020 we will practice prayer based tools designed to help our unique generation of consciousness, open to vast new inner frontiers.To bring Geula redemption to our world we need not look far. 


"כי קרוב אליך הדבר מאד, בפיך ובלבבך לעשותו" 

  דברים ל: יד


"But the word is very near you, in your mouth and in your heart, that you may do it."

(Deuteronomy 30:14)

Would you be willing to dedicate a few cherishing minutes every day to yourself and to your beloved Creator?

Heart Homecoming, is a heart opening 4 week journey home to yourself and to the embrace of your Creator. Begin to unfold your life to illuminate your world from within. 

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With Haya you will embark on a holy heart-mastery journey:

  • Discover ​the ever present gateway of your Divine heart connection                                     

  • Find your Creator supporting your evolution, from within your every emotion and every situation          

  • Join with your Creator to embrace and revive the pained, alienated parts of you 

  • Come home to your body, and to your Creator within, to transform any aspect of your experience, including your relationships      

  • Find love, joy, resilience and empowerment through your daily personal relationship with your Creator     

Once you start applying Heart Homecoming daily, you will find your ultimate personal transformation coach, your own beloved Creator, is always as close as your own heart!

What is included in the 4 week online course?​

  • A 4 week live, online, heart opening guided transformation. We will be meeting through Zoom at 1:00 pm. eastern daylight time, USA on 4 Mondays, June 1st - June 22nd for 60 minutes. Classes will include instruction, meditation and live coaching. Recordings will be available.

  • Weekly meditations for you to practice daily, on your own.


Evolve heart-mind coherence, to come home to your heart and to your beloved Creator

Develop your healing relationship with your Creator. to unfold your life from within!

Free the enlivening flow of your soul in your body!

Prepare to play your unique part in the symphony of life reawakening!


(Names and identifying details may have been changed to protect privacy)

“I've always had a deep relationship with Hashem (G-d). The more I am present for my process with Hashem, the more I am transformed in every way. Prayer is truly the most beautiful labor of the heart ...Thank you, Haya, for modeling a depth of presence in prayer, I never knew before.”

Sara Levy, Educator, Jerusalem

“Haya dear, I cherish your gentle loving presence and your soothing voice. I practice the meditations daily. Compassionately listening with God to my heart has been life changing. When I get overwhelmed, I remember my Ultimate Ally within. "

Alma Libber

"Through my new depth of prayerful presence, my stress filled life is unfolding in a never ending story of love and compassion for myself and others. Thank you God for Haya's teaching from the heart."​​ 

Chris E.

“My inner awareness is heightened since practicing daily. I catch myself sooner, before going into a minor stress tailspin. I am grateful, Haya, for your sublime heart mastery tools. I am seeing my life and my loved ones in a new light. God bless you!"

P. Kline


“The skills from the course are literally turning my relationships around, starting with my relationship with myself. As I remember to practice, all else follows from there..."

Seth C.

“There are always new bumps along the road of life.  I now know how to locate my inner resources, to reconnect to my heart with God, every time anew...
Thank you, Haya!" 


“Haya, your warmth, care and compassion make the process of presence with the Divine so special! Thank you, from my heart!"


“My inner child comes home to our heart! Haya, as you say, “it is never to late to find home inside.”

Rina Epstien


"To quote you, Haya, 'Stress is but an invitation for  presence with our beloved Creator. Through Divine compassion, we shall find, we are a light for ourselves, for our loved ones and infinitely beyond.' Thank you."

Hannah Cohen, NYC

Heart Homecoming Course June 2020

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  Heart Homecoming

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