Consciously Allowing Divine Intervention

Did you ever notice how a baby breaths when relaxed? Babies are in a natural meditative state at all times unless they are in distress. They are literally open to the world and to the divine love streaming through them at all times. This is the one of the reasons we are so drawn to babies. You too can open to the unending stream of divine love by just being present for what is becoming inside of you and all around you without trying to change it at all as you allow your breath to come easily.

Unlike babies who have limited conscious intention, we, as adults have potentially well developed intentionality which can be a great advantage when we remember how to allow ‘what is’ to ‘become’ as we did in our infancy. This combination of mature intention and the art of allowing is what makes room for G-d’s revealed presence  and miracles in our life. Indeed our purpose in life is to consciously make room in our world for G-d’s love in our hearts on a personal, communal and global level. Our generation is beginning to understand this.

My dear colleague Devora Gila Berkowitz once wisely said:

“Don’t rely on a miracle — help create one!!”

Open your heart and allow for love.

May you be heaven blessed!



Heart Homecoming

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