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Divine Apprenticeship

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

We were filled with love, gratitude and an intense desire to pay it forward. 

Nothing was missing from our heavenly existence but the opportunity to reveal divine light and goodness where it may seem missing.

We each yearned for the intimate privilege of actually apprenticing with our Creator.

This would entail volunteering for a dangerous comando opperation in this most concealing of worlds.

We were sent to a portion of infinity seemingly reduced to 3D space and to the extreem slow motion of process through time.

Our world is a cosmic sandbox in which we may practice conscious meneuverability with skill and care.

We have a wide range of free choice in this practice world. We are here to learn quantum fashion from our experience through trial and error. G-d's loving presence is shrouded from us, so we may freely choose whether to recconect to our Creator.

Our task is to develop our own capacity for unconditional love and to transform G-d's hiddenness into light, starting from within.

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