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Like a Relic of Prophecy

“Each time that the heart feels a truly spiritual stirring, each time that a new noble thought is born, we are as though listening to the voice of an angel of G-d who is knocking pressing the doors of our soul, asking that we open our door to him that he might appear  before us in his full majesty.The more liberated a spirit with which we meet him, the purer the heart, the firmer and more resolute the emotion, the greater the inner love and desire for what is the most exalted, the most honorable, so will multitudes of noble souls appear to us, and with His light will He illumine our darkness.Our encounter with the objective world of the spiritual will then grow in holiness, our relationships will be strengthened, habit will do its job to give us clarity and peace of mind, and the beneficence of the revelation, a relic of the grandeur of prophecy, will move us, bringing us healing in its wings.” Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)                                                                                                       G-d is revealed where we consciously make room for his presence. How much of G-d’s blessing for others and for yourself are you willing to reveal in your thoughts, words and actions today?

The sky is not the limit so think big and know that big thoughts are often expressed in the most mondane ways. A smile, a hug or a few minutes of your time goes a long way. But start by hugging yourself, because, as you will discover, G-d is rooting for you constantly. Allow yourself to bask in that light whenever you need a hug. You may be surprised by the goodness you may nurture in yourself and in the world today.  May you be heaven blessed,                                             Haya                                                                                      .


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