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The Other Side of Stress

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

You are a wonder... I invite you to peer beneath the surface of your everyday stress experiences... Stress is far more mysterious than we ever imagined...Stanford researcher Kelly McGonigal, PhD wrote a bestselling book The Upside of Stress: Why Stress Is Good for You, and How to Get Good at It.

Having faced many challenging circumstances, I am closely familiar with the downside of stress. I was to discover, however, several decades ago, that, if managed correctly, stress may become a dear friend.

Could stress be a divine trigger for deep personal growth and even for profound healing?

I found that as my clients practice Nurtured Heart Presence, they respond more often to stress as an invitation for re-connection. They reconnect with self and others and even with their Creator. They are no longer alone in their time of challenge. They learn to accept themselves and their emotional response to stress. They learn to release stress from their body through what I call compassionate breathing. They breathe, they feel, they thrive. They tend to develop new successful life skills. They gradually become more confidant, more emotionally intelligent and more present in all their relationships, starting with their relationship with themselves.

Some most dedicated to applying these life skills found they healed from chronic illness and through daily practice.

The more they practiced, the more they learned to compassionately reconnect to their authentic self, within minutes, from within the core of stress response itself!

Stress recovery skills can be learned from the animal kingdom.

After successfully surviving a predator attack, a young zebra remains profoundly still for a few moments. This stillness may be more than a freeze response, more than the stillness of playing dead. It seems to be activating a deep healing mechanism. This stillness is something which we can learn to cultivate in ourselves. More on this to come...

"Haya, I have more to give to my clients. My family and I are experiencing greater closeness and the pain in my back is subsiding. God knows, I always find little stresses to work with, ha, ha! I emerge daily into what you call "new horizons of being". This is so much fun!" R.H.C.

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