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New Levels of Consciousness

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

You are subtly opening to new levels of conscious awareness. This adjustment may show up as restlessness and as a miriad of emotions. They are the secret call of your heart. Your every human emotion is actually a hidden gateway to the love and light of your soul.

Most of us don't know how to master the gift of stress. Do you know how to reveal serenity, joy and love through the gateway of your greatest emotional challenges?

As a species we are just beggining to scratch the surface of our inner landscape. We send probes to distant planets and explore life at the ocean floor. We design artificial intelligence, yet for all our technological advances, what I call Deep Emotional Intelligence remains largly underdeveloped. We are just begging to discover the vast healing and growth potential in mindfulness practices.

The most effective forms of stress management cultivate an attitude of deep emotional acceptance.

We do not embrace our emotions intuitively. We tend to push away our stressful emotions. They sabotage us and threaten our health nevertheless.

To transform our stressful emotions requires a conscious effort.

Ultimate emotional transformation occures ideally through 4 forms of willingness:

1) The willingness to fully experience and acknowledge our hurt.

2) The willingness to embrace our emotional response to hurt.

3) The willingness to work with our pain compassionately, to effectively release it from within our bodies.

4) The willingness engage in a compassionate relationship with the Source of our life.

As we grow as a global community, emotional mastery skills may be the next evolutionary step in the ascent of man.

We are each being challenged through the call of life itself, to be kind to ourselves and in the same spirit to reach out to one another.

We may well encounter our omnipresent Creator,

rooting for us and nurturing our planetary healing from within.

Please join me in reaching inward to heaven, Haya

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