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Reentering the Circle of Life

Did you ever notice that when you are stressed out you get tunnel vision, and it is hard for you to be present for those around you?

I noticed this about myself and I was determined to do something about it.

I took upon myself to reenter the circle of life!

That is what I call being in good exchange with the world around me where I am free to be in a giving and receiving position with the people around me and with G-d.

What I found was when I practiced this reentering the circle of life, is that life opened up before me, even more than before.

When you have more to offer you will be introduced to people whom you can help and inspire.

I just love how G-d responds to our state of being immediately.

When you are inspired to give of yourself, your phone will start ringing within a short time!

G-d knows how to best connect you with the people whom you can benefit.

You never lose out when you give of yourself, when you’re giving as part of the circle of life.

When you are in circulation with those around you, notice how your life brightens!

Notice how what you need in order to give, comes your way rather quickly, when you trust in G-d!

If you persevere through setbacks with passion to benefit others, to brighten their day, you start getting information, inspiration and income from expected and even unexpected sources, to replenish your store of giving power!

If you do not believe me, try it for yourself!

If you are broke and even broken and have little to give, start ‘small’. You will soon discover that the ‘small’ gifts that do not cost you a penny, are sometimes the most significant gifts you can give from an open heart!

You can give of yourself with a smile. You can give of yourself with a kind word and helpful action You can give of yourself with attention and caring towards others.

Over time, if you do not give up, you will be able to give of yourself by filling your heart with inspiration to share.

Once you become a wellspring of inspiration, people will be drawn to your contagious message.

From this point, if you stay on course, the sky is not the limit!!

If you ever feel outside the loop, try this simple exercise:

1) Breathe gently and deeply through your heart center for a few moments…Notice how you are more present now.

2) Ask G-d to help you find your next best inspiration and be open to receiving this…as you breathe through your heart center in gratitude!

3) Consciously continue to breathe in this divine gift of inspiration through your heart center, over the next few days until you find that you have internalized this gift and are beginning to live by it.

The more you live by it, the more you will embody it!

4) People around you will feel inspired by that something wonderful growing inside of you and they may be drawn to you.

As you silently bless all whom you encounter from your inspired heart, they will receive it.

You have now brightened up other people’s day in many ways.

I am sure you feel back in the loop now!

Remember – you will never lose out when you give of yourself as part of the circle of life.

May you be Heaven blessed!

Haya Baker

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