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Upgrade Your System

We can no longer afford to stay the same. Our bodies and planet are overburdened and are in urgent need of adaptation. We are designed to upgrade, not from reductionist Artificial Intelligence, in the image of man, but from infinite Divine Intelligence updates in the image of G-d!

We are each called to become more of who we are, first, through embracing ourselves and reembodying our exiled parts. As we come home to our hearts, we begin to nurture essential, sustainable, healthy relationships with our body-temples, with each other, all living beings, and with our planet itself.

As people (and even plants and animals) are nurtured, to regularly reconnect, through their own physiology, to the one, caring Creator of all that is, they surely gain greater, vibrant emotional and physical health and much,much more.

Remember, a conscious Soul-Body is the divine catalyst for cosmic inner growth, change and redemption!

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