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New Expectations

Allow for a whole new set of expectations.

If you expect a certain injury to heal in a week’s time because that is what you are accustomed to, you will be unlikely to entertain the possibility of a similar wound  healing much sooner.  However, should you witness the facilitation of a healing that is remarkably rapid, you may now allow for a whole new set of expectations.

A little boy had cancer in both his eyes and they had to be removed. As soon as he awoke from surgery, his mother was ready to comfort him and help him know that even though he had no eyes, he may still see with his nose, ears and hands!  That boy grew up to be a very happy, normal young man. In fact, most people he met did not know he was blind for he could do nearly anything others could do and he could do many things other youngsters could not do. His mother trusted him to play in the street at an early age because he was able to skateboard more safely in the street than other children. Because his ears became his new sensitive eyes, he taught himself to click (like a dolphin) and hear echo’s of objects all around him.  He used this ear ‘sight’ to accurately shoot baskets into a hoop.  He could tell the height of buildings and proximity of cars all around him through his method of self taught ‘sonar’.  He was so sensitive that he could indeed hear the cars coming long before other children noticed vehicles turning the corner.  This boy had no expectations of being handicapped.

Another amazing person had taught his body to warm itself and achieve instant comfort during long exposure to arctic weather conditions. He was able to run for hours in shorts on icy terrain in -30 C. without freezing to death. (Please do not try this at home!) He conditioned his physiology to a new set of expectations.

In prayer healing we expand the envelope of our expectations to know that if we do not straightjacket G-d by pegging him into our limited frame of reference, indeed nothing is impossible.

We have recently entered the Hebrew month of Kislev, a month of shortest darkest days, a month of kindling lights where only darkness was perceived. By risking their lives to fight the Roman oppressor and purifying the Holy Temple , the Maccabees invited the Holy Shechinah, the indwelling presence of G-d to shine forth again from Zion to the whole world. During this month we experience the overcoming of perceived limitations and the rekindling of our personal, communal and global dreams. May your dreams shine brightly throughout the year.

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