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Our World Can be Completely Rejuvenated

Our world can be completely rejuvenated through our partnership with G-d. A flash preview of this occurred at the foot of Mount Sinai.

The 6th day of this Hebrew calendar month of Sivan, which takes place this year on Sunday May 27, marks the festival of Shavuot. On this holy day, several thousand years ago,a barrier between mankind and heaven was forever removed.

For the first time since the exile from Eden, the divine presence was revealed to a core group of 60,000 people at the foot of Mount Sinai. The shroud was forever lifted, not only for the children of Israel,who had just emerged miraculously from exile in Egypt, but for all mankind who from that moment on, had access to the merging of heaven and earth. From that moment forward, we were forever wed to the divine!

On Shavuot, which literally means “weeks”, we complete the counting of seven weeks of progressive personal ethical preparations for the annual renewing of the vows between mankind and G-d!

On this day we received a permanent download into our souls and a hard copy forever of our sacred Torah, the blueprint for the building of a sacred world, from the living word of G-d.

Every year, as we return to this holy time, the heaven literally comes down to earth and can be sensed as we be open to the remembering of ultimate truth, that G-d is and was always with us, and is indeed within us.

The indestructible, unconditional life-force, deep within our hearts which makes our eyes shine and inspires us to bring goodness into our world, can never be destroyed and it is from that kernel of truth revealed on Mount Sinai, that a better world is forever being recreated.

The Midrash describes that humble Mount Sinai in the heart of the desert, was suddenly blanketed with flowers and Trees upon the revelation of G-d. The Midrash also describes that all of the children of Israel,camped at the foot of the mountain, were recreated at that moment completely healthy, without illness or injury.

It is in this spirit that I enjoy asking G-d to recreate us as we were meant to be.

Many of you amazing people who recently participated my foundations course online, report experiencing a taste of this in your own lives.

Our sages teach us that our world will be completely rejuvenated through our partnership with G-d. In our wondrous times we can subtly and profoundly rediscover the inner meaning of our commitment to this relationship, to this personal and collective divine commission.

Blessings to you, Haya

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