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Springtime is a time of expansion

Springtime is a time of expansion. 

It is also a special time for allowing your higher power to heal the tight spots of your life!

It is always best to start from your body.

Are there any tight or stressed parts in your body?

Allow them to talk to you. Allow them to talk to G-d. Allow them to tell G-d all about the narrow confines you may perceive in your life, whether they be a relationship which needs more light, a financial squeeze,  a sense of time constriction or anything else.

The next step is to find your Creator's light and unconditional love embracing you in your body and your life.

Be open to this unconditional love.

Breathe divine love through your body one constricted spot at a time and stretch a bit as needed.

Notice how in the next breath or two, you are perceiving new possibilities where you could not see them before!

The possibility of conscious quantum leap is the inner potential of this season where dormant possibilities come alive to flower and fruit.

This is also the inner meaning of the Holiday of Passover which is the holiday of spring in the Jewish tradition.

Ancient Egypt was called “Mitzrayim” in Hebrew, which literally means the tight and narrow place of limitation.

Not just the Children of Israel emerged from the narrow straits of slavery into the expansiveness of redemption on Passover, but all future freedoms from oppression emerge from this spring of all springs.

May we all allow for the deliverance of Divine love and miracles in every tight spot we may find ourselves.

Pass-over any fears by allowing your higher power to join you in your fears and gently show you new possibilities where you never thought they existed.

Find your authentic self to come alive again along with the blossoms on the trees.

Breathe this freshness of being through your relationships and your home, and watch your loved ones thrive in the light of love.

Happy spring holidays to all!

May you be heaven blessed,


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