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New Year Homecoming

The upcoming Jewish New Year is a reminder for all mankind that that we are always welcome home! The sounding of the Shofar is the sound of our Parent-in-heaven calling us home to ourselves, to our essence, to whom we are becoming, to the kindest, most loving, most appropriately trusting, most resourceful part of us, back to the loving presence of G-d in our lives and in our world.

To illustrate what it means to experience a homecoming I would like to share an inspiring true story I was told yesterday:

“My aged mother was recently hospitalized in severe condition with a lung disorder which had the doctors deeply concerned for her life. They were also resolute that she would need to remain in a nursing-care facility rather than ever going home to the little house in which she raised me and my 4 older sisters and  lived for more than 5 decades our dear father, whom she missed and who was missing her dearly.  Not only was she very ill but she was inconsolably frightened. I called you, Haya and you immediately began to do distance healing for my mother by talking to her soul and engaging her self-healing capacity from G-d. Truth be told, I still did not have much hope at that point and I struggled emotionally to be strong for my ailing mother who was afraid for me to leave her bedside for even a short while. However, within a few hours she seemed to have a miraculous turnaround. She was not only not frightened anymore but she exhibited a sudden strength and a hope that was contagious. She was instantly more animated, outgoing and pro-active emotionally than she had been in years! She was not behaving like the sick one but like the strong caring one she used to be, expressing gratitude towards us and keen interest in the well-being of the her hospital roommate, the roommate’s visiting family and everyone else who came into the room. We came to strengthen her but she ended up lifting our spirits and even the spirits of the staff! Best of all, the doctors agreed to release her back to her own home within a few days! Thank you G-d! And thank you Haya, too! ”                       Goldie, Netanya

I want you to know that you do not need me or anyone to talk to your soul in order for you to experience a homecoming, a healing. You can do it yourself by talking directly to G-d. You have a direct line to G-d any time of the day or night. You can tell G-d how you feel, what distresses you and ask YOUR OWN SOUL what you need to ask from G-d in order to find peace, well-being, meaning and growth in your life. Be patient and present to what is without trying to change anything for the moment. The answers will come. You will know what to ask from G-d in order to reveal divine presence in your life and in the lives of others. You will ask and you will know that you have been answered if you put your soft loving attention on your heart to feel the love. When you ask for help in serving your divine purpose you are always answered even before you ask. Your job is to keep coming home inside so that you can feel the answers in your heart.

This week’s haftorah (the weekly synagogue reading from the prophets) opens: “Arise, shine, for your light has dawned; the Presence of The Lord has shone upon you!” (Isaiah 60:1)

May you all be blessed with a sweet New Year,                                                                                                                                           Haya

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  Heart Homecoming

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