The Heart-call of The Shofar

Tomorrow at sundown marks the first day of the Hebrew New Year. On this day first man and woman were created. On this day we are reawakened to open our hearts to G-d in renewal of commitment.

As I hear the call of the Shofar, I am awakened by a sound that cries the cry of the human heart…

It seems to call to and from the heart:

You are heard.

Your heart hears you calling out…

Your heart hears you being heard by G-d…

You open to G-d from your heart…

As your heart opens you may listen to another being heard by G-d…

Listen to another being heard and you will help another heart…

You always have a voice.

You always have a heart to hear.

G-d is always listening.

May you and your loved ones and all who dwell on this Earth, be inscribed and sealed in the book of life,                                                                                                         for a peaceful, healthy, blessed New Year!


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