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The Only Way Is Up

Sometimes healing comes after reaching a physical, emotional or spiritual rock-bottom. The ninth day of the upcoming Hebrew month of Av represents the rock bottom of humanity for it is the day in which the Holy Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed. The temple was erected upon the very foundation stone of our planet, “Even Hashtia” which means in Hebrew, the rock of the drinking. It can be said that The Temple was the very umbilicus of the world in connection to G-d and represented the active potential for infinite goodness on earth. The temple was the holiest spacial indwelling of G-dliness and the most powerful transmitter of divine life-force for the entire world. For over two thousand years the Jewish People cry on the ninth of Av for the destruction of the holy temple in deep sorrow and acknowledgement of all the pain and suffering in the world which was and is still rampant in the absence of G-d’s revealed indwelling in our world. The ninth day of Av will soon be a day of rejoicing as the Temple will be rebuilt as a house of prayer and peace for all nations.

When you find yourself challenged to the bone by circumstances and you are at the verge of falling into an abyss but at the last moment, you resist, and hold on to your faith, your hope, you have accessed the infinity of your divine soul, your “Neshama”, in Hebrew, the part of you that can never be defeated or defiled and from which you can positively influence the wellbeing of the world through prayer.

Call out to G-d from your deepest pain. You are heard...

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