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What divine goodness is yearning to be born in you?

Yom -Kipur is one of the happiest days of our year! It is one of the days of greatest rejoicing because on this holiest of holy-days we are cleansed and renewed.

On this day every year the loving master- programmer of the universe performs an annual course correction from a long list of personal and communal human errors. They are are repaired one by one to reveal the goodness and the divine light which was hidden by our doubting and mistrusting thoughts, actions and misdeeds.

The biblical prophets anticipated a time in which a cosmic-scale Yom-Kippur will occur. Before this great day, the people of the world are to experience the transition of spiritual birth as a new and wonderful era emerges to reveal divine goodness for all mankind and all of creation.

This cosmic Yom-Kippur may be approaching soon as we are increasingly challenged to allow new goodness to be born from from within our souls and to emerge from within our very consciousness.

In times of challenge I try to ask myself :

What goodness is yearning to be born in me, that I had not yet allowed to come forth?What divinity have I eclipsed out of doubt?As I compassionately acknowledge my doubts to myself and to G-d, I may ask my soul – what do I need to know from G-d to overcome this doubt?What of G-d’s love and kindness am I resisting accepting?

Am I willing to surrender to G-d’s love and remember the inner truth I always knew deep inside?

I am as parched earth before the rain… I will soften.

I gradually allow every cell of my body and every aspect of my mind and spirit to be showered by the light of G-d’s radiant love.

I may tremble gently in sublime relief as my resistance and fears melt layer by layer.

A sparkling new part of me shines forth which had never seen the light of day.

A part that me I had diminished in low self-esteem and unfounded fears, comes splendidly to the fore.

I am flowing with love and gratitude towards G-d and towards every living being.

I naturally exude warmth and towards everyone I encounter.

I discover that the new part of myself imbues in me new talents and a potential mastery over tasks which had previously stumped me.

I find that my physical health is now greatly enhanced.

Curiously, my life circumstances are opening up into greater goodness than I previously imagined.

I am overcome by an irresistible urge to smile from the heart.

What divine goodness is yearning to be born in you?

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